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Dental Perspectives on Human Evolution: State of the Art Research in Dental Paleoanthropology (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology)
Shara E. Bailey, Jean-Jacques Hublin

   en  11.27 MB



Comparative Dental Morphology: Selected Papers of the 14th International Symposium on Dental Morphology, August 27-30, 2008, Greifswald, Germany (Frontiers of Oral Biology)
T. Koppe, G. Meyer, K. W. Alt, A. Brook, M. C. Dean

   en  2.26 MB



Basic Guide to Dental Instruments (Basic Guide Dentistry Series)
Carmen Scheller-Sheridan

   en  9.90 MB



Biocompatibility of Dental Materials
Gottfried Schmalz, Dorthe Arenholt-Bindslev

   en  12.71 MB



Small Animal Dental Equipment, Materials and Techniques: A Primer
Jan Bellows

   en  36.38 MB



Color Atlas of Dental Medicine - Aesthetic Dentistry
J. Schmidseder, Karl-Johan Söderholm

   en  26.69 MB



Introducing Dental Implants
John A. Hobkirk, Roger M. Watson, Lloyd Searson

   en  27.92 MB



Color Atlas of Dental Medicine: Endodontology
Rudolf Beer, Michael Baumann, Syngucuk Kim

   en  23.59 MB



Dental Floss for the Mind
Michel Noir Bernard Croisile

   en  4.69 MB



Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology 3rd Edition
Eric Whaites

   en  43.52 MB


Handbook of Dental Care: Diagnostic, Preventive and Restorative Services (Health Care Issues, Costs and Access Series)
Jose C. Taggart

   en  7.92 MB



Dental Ethics And Laws
P. Lambden

   en  1.03 MB



Promoting Oral Health. the Use of Salt Fluoridation to Prevent Dental Caries (PAHO Scientific Publications)
Pan American Health Organization

   en  1.09 MB



Managing Health and Safety in the Dental Practice: A Practical Guide
Jane Bonehill

   en  1.25 MB



Principles of BOI: Clinical, Scientific, and Practical Guidelines to 4-D Dental Implantology
Stefan Ihde

   en  9.75 MB



Topics in Dental Biochemistry
Martin Levine

   en  11.24 MB



Concise Dental Anatomy and Morphology
Jim Fuller

   en  19.03 MB



Dental Floss for the Mind: A complete program for boosting your brain power
Michel Noir, M.D., Ph.D Bernard Croisile

   en  2.34 MB



Atlas of Dental Radiography in Dogs and Cats

   en  18.97 MB



Safety Standards and Infection Control for Dental Hygienists
Ellen Roberta Dietz, Raula Badavinac

   en  4.13 MB


Sodium Channels, Pain, and Analgesia (Progress in Inflammation Research)
K Coward & MD Baker (Eds.)

   en  2.18 MB



Principles of Terahertz Science and Technology
Yun-Shik Lee

   en  8.72 MB



Neanderthals Revisited: New Approaches and Perspectives (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology)
Katerina Harvati (Editor), Terry Harrison (Editor)

   en  3.47 MB



Biomedical Engineering and Design Handbook, Volume 1: Second Edition, Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals
Myer Kutz

   en  4.52 MB



Cranial Manipulation: Theory and Practice
Leon Chaitow ND DO

   en  32.44 MB



Painleve Differential Equations in the Complex Plane (De Gruyter Studies in Mathematics)
V. I. Gromak, Ilpo Laine, Shun Shimomura

   en  1.39 MB



Gold: Science and Applications
Christopher Corti, Richard Holliday

   en  12.25 MB



Research Writing in Dentistry
J. Anthony von Fraunhofer

   en  1.99 MB



Delmar's Dental Assisting Exam Review
Melissa Thibodeaux

   en  1.25 MB



First Aid for the NBDE Part II (First Aid)
Jason E. Portnof, Timothy Leung, Tao Le

   en  6.94 MB



Maxillofacial Imaging
T.A. Larheim, P.-L. Westesson

   en  150.40 MB



Treatment Planning for Traumatized Teeth
Mitsuhir Tsukiboshi

   en  12.70 MB



Endodontics: Problem-Solving in Clinical Practice (Endodontics)
T.R. Pitt Ford, H.E. Pitt Ford, J.S. Rhodes,

   en  7.05 MB



Bone Resorption Volume 2 (Topics in Bone Biology)
Felix Bronner, Mary C Farach-Carson and Janet Rubin (Eds)

   en  3.31 MB



Drug Dictionary for Dentistry
John G Meechan, Robin Seymour

   en  1.07 MB



The Plan-as-You-Go Business Plan
Tim Berry

   en  2.53 MB



Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics
Charles P. Friedman, Jeremy C. Wyatt

   en  44.94 MB



The Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Sixth Edition
John P. Griffin

   en  4.55 MB