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AHPRA - Dental Board of Australia



National Registration and Accreditation.

With the introduction of the National Registration and Accreditation legislation (the National Law), the Australian Health Practitioner Regulating Authority (AHPRA) is the national agency responsible for the national registration and accreditation of ten health professions in Australia. The National Law has been enacted by all States and Territories. State and Territory Dental Boards that previously existed will no longer function.

For all States and Territories

Pursuant to the National Law, the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) has been established. The Functions of the Board include:

  • Registering dentists, students, dental specialists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, oral health therapists and dental prosthetists 
  • Developing standards, codes and guidelines for the dental profession
  • Handling notifications, complaints, investigations and disciplinary hearings
  • Assessing overseas trained practitioners who wish to practise in Australia  
  • Approving accreditation standards and accredited courses of study.

Visit: for more information. This link also provides connection to the DBA website.

State and Regional Boards and Committees

The Dental Board of Australia is supported by State and Regional Boards which represent each State and Territory. The State and Regional Boards are as follows:

  • Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Victoria (Regional)
  • Northern Territory and South Australia (Regional)
  • New South Wales (State)
  • Queensland (State)
  • Western Australia (State)


These Boards make individual registration and notification decisions, based on national policies and standards set by the Dental Board of Australia. The National Board has formally delegated the necessary powers to the State and Regional Boards.

The National Board has also appointed Committees for each State and Regional Board to deal with the registration of individuals and with notifications. These Committees have also been formally delegated powers to make certain decisions. Committees include: 

        Registration and Notification Committee 
        Immediate Action Committee


Overseas Qualified Practitioners

Dental Practitioners with overseas qualifications who wish to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia should refer to the specific information under the relevant Register and division of the Register of Dental Practitioners in which they are seeking registration:

Register of Dental Practitioners

  • Dentists
  • Dental Prosthetists
  • Dental Therapists and Dental Hygienists

Specialists Register

  • Dentists