Dental congress

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International Dental Foundation 
– 60th Alpine Dental Conference

Courchevel, France

15–22 January 2011

Hawaii Dental Association 
– Hawaii Meeting

Honolulu, HI, USA

20–21 January 2011

American Academy of Dental Group Practice 
– 39th Annual Conference and Exhibition

Orlando, USA

26–29 January 2011

International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC)

United Arab Emirates

1–3 February 2011

64th Indian Dental Association

Jaipur, India

10–13 February 2011

Alliance of the American Dental Association (AADA)

Richmond, USA

2–5 March 2011

Pacific Dental Conference

Vancouver, Canada

10–12 March 2011

International Association for Dental Research
– 89th General Session and Exhibition

San Diego, USA

16–19 March 2011

American Association for Dental Research (AADR) – 40th Annual Meeting and Exhibition

San Diego, USA

16–19 March 2011

British Society for Oral and Dental Research

San Diego, USA

16–19 March 2011

34th Australian Dental Congress

Brisbane, Australia

30 March–3 April 2011

47th European Dental Students’ 
Association Meeting

Leeds, UK

10–16 April 2011

American Association of Public Health Dentistry 
– National Oral Health Conference

Pittsburg, USA

11–13 April 2011