Top 10 High-tech Products

 Top 10 High-tech Products


Dentrix Dental Systems
The Guru computer-based interactive patient education library provides customized patient explanations, notations, and images to help patients make informed decisions about proposed treatment. Tightly integrated with both Dentrix and Easy Dental practice management software, it also is offered as a stand-alone system. Price, $2,499 plus a $449 annual content-update plan. 
A Henry Schein Co., 800-336-8749

Cadent Inc.
Engineered to replace conventional chairside material-based impression techniques for any indirect restorative procedures, the “next-generation” iTero Digital Impression system improves scanning time over the original system and offers flexibility in designing accurately fitting prosthetics. Major enhancements include reducing the overall digital capture-and-scan time and faster real-time display of the 3-D digital model, along with an expanded shade library featuring Vita 3-D Master. The upgrade also offers the user choice of background color options (both solids and gradients) for added depth, and a modified foot pedal for increased stability. 

Schick Technologies Inc.
The lightweight, portable USBCam2 intraoral video camera features a universal fixed focal range that delivers sharp images—from extreme close-up to full arch—with no focal adjustment needed. The camera’s focus-free optics and proprietary eight-LED light source ensure consistent high-quality images. Power on/off and one-click capture buttons are located on the rear of the camera. The camera connects directly to any computer via highspeed USB 2.0, and its multiple mounting options allow flexible installation. 
PracticeWorks Inc.
The Kodak P712 Dental Digital Photography System’s 7.1-mp camera offers 12X optical zoom and 3.3X digital zoom along with image stabilization. It also features 32-MB internal memory, a distance guide, and a large 2.5-inch LCD screen with a positioning grid for easy framing. The camera has two preprogrammed dental settings—one for portraits and intraoral photography, the other with enhanced lighting for mirror shots. The system also includes a 256-MB memory card and a printer dock with a battery charger that ensures optimal power and offers fast, high-quality 4x6-inch dye-sublimation prints and image transfer. 
Exclusive maker of Kodak Dental Systems, 800-944-6365,

The DEXIS 8 digital radiography system incorporates ClearCapture image processing technology to optimize the signal path between image acquisition and on-screen display. Additionally, the system offers an improved ClearVu image enhancement tool, flexible display options, expanded communications options that allow annotated images to be shared in different formats, and a clinical sensor placement guide for pediatric patients.




MagnaVu Procedure Scope II
Magnified Video Dentistry
The updated MagnaVu Procedure Scope II (PS II) produces precise, highly magnified full-face and cosmetic images. The proprietary system has an electronic zoom that can take the user from a full-arch image to a root canal without refocusing, and can magnify a molar image more than 400X on its waterproof LCD display. The system also has an easy-to-use touch pad control and a white, shadow-free, true-color LED light with adjustable intensity. 


ERGOcam 4

KaVo Dental Corp.
Offering seamless integration of digital imaging and multimedia into the patient chair, the ERGOcam 4 intraoral video camera has a handpiece design that mimics the shape of KaVo operative handpieces for an ergonomic feel and ease of use. Features include ultra-white LED illumination for true color representation and a proprietary all-glass lens for crisp, lifelike images. 



Biolase Technology Inc.
The compact, handheld ezlase diode laser offers a 940-nm wavelength for high energy absorption by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin; additionally, the wavelength is slightly off the absorption peak of water. The laser’s ComfortPulse operation enhances patient comfort for a variety of soft-tissue procedures. An intuitive, procedure-based color touchscreen and navigation finger pad simplify control. The laser uses sterile disposable tips.

Sirona Dental Systems Inc.
Adapted to fit onto most dental units, the SIROEndo root-canal preparation system has a swiveling support arm that keeps the unit within the user’s reach and eliminates the need for set-up or mobilization before treatment. An integrated apex locator features a digital display with audible alerts indicating distance to the apex. Additionally, when auto-reverse is activated, the file in use automatically reverses direction if torque is exceeded. Compatible with most standard NiTi and stainless steel file systems, the unit has a brushless motor that can manually be turned on and off (independently of the pedal) and an ISO interface handpiece with an extra-small head. 

Mini Micro Flash
Lester A Dine Inc.
Designed for use with several Nikon digital SLR camera models, the Mini Micro Flash is a ring-and-point flash with a power supply said to be smaller and lighter than current models. The flash significantly reduces the weight of the entire camera system, making it easier to use. The TTL flash system features the Dine-invented ring flash for intraoral photography as well as an adjustable point flash for facial photography and descriptive anterior and lateral picture taking.